User Interest Segmentation

Apply User Interests or User Attributes

This event is a structured event well suited to creating data points on a subscriber's profile to improve targeted engagement campaign capabilities.

bttnio('tagUser', {
   categories: ['Technology', 'Mobile Phones', 'Samsung', 'Galaxy']


Button's campaign targeting capabilities are best in class, giving you the power to "bucket" your Users based on their behavior on your website. To do this you can explicitly call the tagUser action, along with a categories array. This will apply interest targeting capabilities to your subscribers.

Multiple category values are interpreted as a hierarchy, assigning several category interest groupings to the User. In the above example, the User is now eligible for any engagement campaigns targeting an audience interested in any of the following groups:

"Technology > Mobile Phones"
"Technology > Mobile Phones > Samsung"
"Technology > Mobile Phones > Samsung > Galaxy"