Batch File Adjustments and Cancellations

Batch File Adjustments and Cancellations

This guide walks you through how to report order adjustments and cancellations to Button via a batch file upload. In this guide, we’ll review:

  1. General Guidelines
  2. Batch File Format
  3. Reporting Adjustments
  4. Reporting Cancellations

General Guidelines

  • Button will provide you with a dedicated SFTP directory for uploading your batch files
  • For the first ever batch file upload, the file should contain all the order adjustment and cancellation events from the previous interval (e.g. for a 24 hour cycle it should be yesterdays events)
  • Subsequently, batch files should capture all adjustment and cancellation events that occurred since the previous upload (e.g. for a 24 hour cycle the previous day from 00:00:00 UTC to 23:59:59 UTC)
  • You cannot create an order via this process
  • The entire new order state after the adjustment/cancellation should be reflected in the batch file
  • If there is an order in the batch file that cannot be matched to an original order in Button’s systems (based on the order ID), it will be ignored
  • If the order in the batch file matches to one in the Button system (based on the order ID), but has been finalized or cancelled already, it will be ignored

Batch File Format

Batch files should be delivered in a comma-separated value (CSV) format and the file name should specify the date & time it was generated. For example, if on a 24 hour cadence, BRANDNAME_orders_2019-01-01.csv.

Each line item in the order should have a row in the batch file (i.e. if there are 3 items in the order, there should be 3 rows: 1 for each line item).

There should be only one row for each updated_date, order_id, line_item_identifier combination. If this combination appears multiple times in the batch file, we will accept the row with the latest updated_date.

Required Data

All of these columns must be present in the batch file with valid data for the order adjustment or cancellation to be processed

Column Name Description Data Type
action The type of update being applied to the line item String (accepted inputs: ADJUST, CANCEL, NONE)
updated_date ISO-8601 string representing the time the order was updated ISO-8601 format
order_id The order id unique to this order that was passed to Button when the order was created. This is treated as an ASCII string String (max 255 characters)
line_item_identifier The unique identifier for this line item, within the scope of this order. This must be unique across all line-items within the order. We suggest using the SKU or UPC of the product String
line_item_total Total price of all items bought in a particular line item (e.g. if 3 medium pizzas were purchased for $10.00 each, total would be 3000); represented in the smallest currency unit (e.g., 100 for $1.00) in the same currency as the initial order Integer (>0)
line_item_quantity The number of unique units represented by this line item. Defaults to 1 Integer (>0)

Optional Data

Column Name Description Data Type
line_item_sku The Stock Keeping Unit of the line item. A Merchant-specific identifier for the line item String (max 255 characters)
line_item_upc The Universal Product Code of the line item. Also referred to as UPC-A and GTIN-12. UPC-E (8-digit) codes should be converted to 12-digit codes String (12 numeric digits)
line_item_category The topmost category of the line item String
line_item_subcategory The second-level category of the line item (i.e. immediately below the topmost category) String
line_item_description Text describing the line item String

Immutable Data

The following fields cannot be changed from the original order. If they are included in the batch file, that entire column will be ignored.

  • currency
  • customer_order_id
  • purchase_date
  • btn_ref
  • customer_id
  • customer_email_sha256
  • customer_advertising_id

Reporting Adjustments

When adjusting an order, you must provide the current state of the order rather than the delta. If line items that are present in the original order are not included in the adjustment file, they will be removed from the order. All of these scenarios must be accounted for:

  • Line Item quantity increase
  • Line Item quantity decrease
  • Line Item total increase
  • Line Item total decrease
  • Line Item addition
  • Line Item removal

ADJUST,2019-04-30T00:04:32Z,OI-1024,LI-2048,199,1,1234-XCYZ,100000299906,Grocery,Fruits,Fuji Apples
ADJUST,2019-04-30T15:45:00Z,OI-4096,LI-256,998,1,1704-SNGV,100000249904,Grocery,Drinks,Oat Milk

The above batch file when processed will attempt to adjust two orders in Button's systems:

  1. Order with ID OI-1024 which will now have two line items with IDs LI-2048 and LI-512
  2. Order with ID OI-4096 which will now have one line item with ID LI-256

Reporting Cancellations

If any of the line items in an order has a “CANCEL” action, the entire order will be cancelled, trumping any other.

Cancellations are final and cannot be reversed.

CANCEL,2019-04-30T00:04:32Z,OI-1024,LI-2048,0,1,1234-XCYZ,100000299906,Grocery,Fruits,Fuji Apples
CANCEL,2019-04-30T15:45:00Z,OI-4096,LI-256,0,1,1704-SNGV,100000249904,Grocery,Drinks,Oat Milk

The above batch file when processed will attempt to cancel two orders in Button's systems:

  1. Order with id OI-1024 will be cancelled completely even though one of the line items has action = ADJUST
  2. Order with id OI-4096 will be cancelled entirely