mParticle Post-install Deeplinking Guide on

mParticle Post-install Deeplinking Guide

This guide will enable you to support Button's Mobile Web Publishers via mParticle. In this guide, we'll:

  1. Configure Button Links
  2. Configure Universal Links
  3. Enable Post-Install Deeplinking

Configure Button Links

In the Button Dashboard, navigate to "Merchant" > "Apps" & click on the App you want to configure a Button Links domain for. Once on the App details page, click on the "Add a Button Links Domain" button in the "Button Links Domains" section. Simply fill out the details in the popup modal to complete the configuration.

Configure Universal Links

To support Universal Links for the Button domain (to stop any Safari redirecting) add the Button subdomain ( to the Associated Domains Capability. Switch Associated Domains on if it's not already and add your domain to the list of domains registered in the format

Web Links

Enable Post-install Deeplinking

Adding the ButtonKit automatically enables support for Post-install Deeplinking. For full instructions on how to add the ButtonKit, please reference our mParticle Integration Guide here.