Retrieve details for the Brands partnered with your organization.

Call this API to retrieve details for all the Brands you are partnered with via Button. The fields returned are as follows:

idstringButton Organization ID for the Brand; this value will never change for a given Brand
namestringBrand's name
descriptionstringBrand's description
urls.homepagestringBrand's Homepage URL
icon_urlstringBrand's icon URL
appsarrayAn array of all apps supported by the Brand with os and scheme keys.
subdomainstringThe subdomain that the Brand uses for links, or null if not used.
terms_and_conditions.reporting_window_daysintBrand's order reporting delay, in days
terms_and_conditions.finalization_window_minutesintBrand's order adjustment period, in minutes
terms_and_conditions.coupons_allowedboolWhether the Brand will commission if a coupon is present on the order
terms_and_conditions.gift_cards_allowedboolWhether the Brand will commission on the purchase of gift cards
terms_and_conditions.exclusion_detailsstringBrand's list of items exclusions (i.e. will not generate a commission)
terms_and_conditions.other_termsstringOther program terms


Q: When should Publishers use this API? Ad-hoc? As part of their Brand onboarding flow?
A: Either/or – this API is meant to deliver static Brand details, and thus can be called ad-hoc when a Publisher needs to retrieve static Brand details (e.g. when onboarding a Brand).

Q: Can Publishers use this API as part of their flow of routing a user to a Brand?
A: No – this API should not be in the critical path of routing a user to a Brand. In other words, the purpose of this API is for Publishers to fetch Brand metadata that does not change frequently, and should not require calling it in real-time.

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