Obtain personalized rates/offers available to Publisher's user.


Both device_ids and email_sha256s must be present in the request. This is because some Brands will pass only hashed emails or device IDs to Button, so you should pass both to achieve a higher match rate. The Personalization API has a rate limit of 5,000 requests per minute.

Response Object

Top-level object

merchant_offerslistList of rates/offers available to the user.

merchant_offers List

merchant_idstringBrand organization ID
offerslistList of all Brand rates/offers available to the user.

offers List

idstringOffer ID
rankintegerRank of each offer
rate_percentstring(optional) Decimal string of offer rate in percent.
rate_fixedstring(optional) Decimal string of offer rate in fixed amount.
currencystring(optional) Three-letter ISO currency code of rate_fixed (if available), as specified in ISO 4217.
display_paramsmapstring(optional) A map of template parameters that can be used by the Publisher to render the rate/offer.