Managing Dashboard Access

Managing Access to your Button Dashboard

Note: Button's Dashboard optionally supports Single Sign-On (SSO) via the SAML Identity Provider of your choice. To configure SSO for your organization, please view our guide and contact [email protected].

To make the most out of Button's Dashboard, you'll likely want a few different representatives from your organization to be able to log in. For example, the engineering team probably needs to be able to manage your organization's API keys and applications, while your revenue team wants to dig into the performance of your partnerships and your business development team want to find new opportunities for partnerships.

Button makes it simple to get everyone into the Dashboard quickly and ensure that they have access to the things they need. To get started, log into your Organization's Button Dashboard and hover over your Organization's name in the top right corner. Click on Organization Settings, then select the Members tab. You’ll be presented with a list of the members of your organization:


Here we can that we are the only member of our "Example" Organization, as well as view the level of access our account has. Because we have the privilege "Manage Members", we can click the Invite Team Member link at the top of the list and add more members. Let's invite one of our Developers, Sam:


After adding Sam's email and checking the box to grant them Technical access, we can click Invite. Sam will receive an email containing a link to join the organization. Once Sam has accepted the invitation, we’ll be able to see them in the list of members:


If we realize after the fact that Sam also needs to be able to invite more members of the engineering team, we can boost their access level by hovering over their user and clicking Edit:


If it turns out that we actually didn't want to invite Sam, we can easily remove their membership by hovering over their user and clicking Delete:


For convenience, both editing and deleting users can be performed in bulk by ticking the checkboxes next to the desired users, and then clicking the appropriate action:


For any questions about or issues with member management in your Button Dashboard, please reach out to either your Partner Success Manager, or request support.