Native App Setup

With Button Personalized Offers ready to be served to your users, it's time to optimize how they are rendered and tapped on your Publisher’s native applications. Optimization is made easy using the Button SDK for iOS & Android. In a few steps, Publishers can integrate their native mobile applications with Button's Marketplace.

When your user taps on an offer in your app, tell Button’s SDK where you want to send the user by passing it the destination brand URL. Button’s SDK will then deep link the user to the optimal brand property by:

  • Creating a Purchase Path: Pass the Button SDK a destination URL to handle optimized deep linking, attribution, and user experience as they move across applications.

  • Driving App Installs: Using Button’s patented Attended Install Technology, publishers routing end-users to Brands will be able to offer a seamless experience that drives app installations.

  • Accessing the Button Browser: Publisher link attribution is further optimized by offering a mobile web view within their application if the Brand does not have a mobile application, or the end-user does not wish to install it. This is a completely customizable framework designed to drive user engagement.