Sending audience files via SFTP

If you do not currently have SFTP set up with Button, your PSM will assist you.

Formatting Your CSV file

  • File must be a CSV
  • Column headers are not required, but the order must be: Device ID, Hashed Email Address
  • File must have 2 columns even if the field is not provided
    • For example, if only email is provided, email must be the second column, and the first column should be empty
  • Minimum of 100 users in the list, maximum of 5GB
    • We recommend an audience list of at least 100,000 users

Formatting Details

The CSV audience file must have two columns with unhashed/plaintext Device ID in the first column, and hashed emails in the second column.

  1. Unhashed/plaintext Device ID:
    - IDFA (Apple Advertiser ID) for iOS
    - GAID (Google Advertiser ID) for Android
  2. Email: Emails have to be hashed.
    - Email address must be converted to lowercase before computing the hash.
    - Hash using the SHA-256 algorithm
    - Hash itself may consist of uppercase or lowercase hex characters and is always 64 characters.