Routing Mobile Web Publishers To Your Application on

Routing Mobile Web Publishers To Your Application

Mobile operating systems do not reliably handle links from the mobile web to your native application. Button Links solves this problem, but requires some additional setup. This section outlines how we setup a Brand for support on mobile web publishers.

Configure Button Universal URL For Your Brand

Head over to the Button Dashboard and log in using your organization’s Button credentials.

Once logged in, click on your organization’s drop down icon in the top right to navigate menu options. Select Apps

This will navigate you to the Apps overview page where you can see all of your Brand’s registered applications. To add a Button Links configuration, select your Brand’s registered iOS application.

Once in your Brand’s registered iOS application view, scroll down to Button Links Domains to select Add a Button Links Domain. This will display a popup, prompting you to fill out the required linking fields.

Enter Your Fallback URL: This is your Brand’s homepage

Select a Subdomain: This is a unique subdomain that will be used when handling attribution from outside links into your application

Select Applications: Select applications (iOS,Android, or both) that this subdomain will be registered to

Once you’ve registered your Button Links subdomain (, add it to your project’s Associated Domains Capability registering it in the following format

Configure Team Identifier

Lastly, you’ll need to configure your App Site Association file and add your team identifier to the Button Dashboard in the following format:


Once you have your updated iOS Universal Link, navigate to the Button Dashboard so you can add it.

Click your company logo dropdown in the top right and select Apps

Navigate to your iOS application and click it's name to drill in

Scroll down to the Configurations section and select Add Manual Configuration. If you've already added one, click Edit on the right side of that record

Populate the Bundle Identifier including the Team Identifier as noted above